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Consultant versus client..people always ask me…

1508550825_d96f14923a_mI have been consulting for the past 2+ years and have found it to be energizing, educational and freeing.  I chose it as a way to regroup personally and just needed a new perspective,  It turned out that what I got was the chance to work in far more industries than I ever could have working in corporate America.  Additionally, I was able to have a portfolio of companies ranging from multi-billion dollar conglomerates, to start-ups in industries ranging from technology, to media, to publishing, to financial services.

There are down sides too.  I miss working with a large group of people who are in the thick of it with you day in and day out.  People to bounce your ideas off of, people to commiserate with when things aren’t going the way you want and people in general.  I a not a lone wolf so that is the challenge for me.  Then there is the lack of security,  When you wake up each day, it’s up to you to find the work and if you don’t you don’t get paid.  For someone like me who is the sole bread earner in the family with a husband and two kids, that can be daunting but it DOES get me moving! Continue reading “Consultant versus client..people always ask me…” »