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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Networked:  An open-source e-book on innovations in times of challenge.  We are asking anyone with a case study, story or current project that illustrates innovation, particularly in times of challenge. Our goal is to write this book with as many co-authors as will share their story so that we can site lessons and learn from the experience of the network.  This will then be published in traditional book format and have a follow up book that will be a retrospective on the stories and lessons from this book to better prepare us for the next challenge.

Signs It’s Time to Fire Your CMO

Since Sergio Zyman took on the title of chief marketing officer (CMO) at Coca-Cola, most anyone with a hint of ambition has been gunning for this title. But in today’s marketing environment, there is enormous pressure on CMOs to deliver ROI, consumer engagement, quarterly results, positive tracking scores and water cooler conversation-worthy Super Bowl advertising. It’s no wonder the average tenure of the CMO is under two years.

Yes, business pressures are inevitable. Sales will dip, products will fail and customers will leave. But the mark of a good leader is clarity and tenacity in the midst of these pressure-filled situations that you will face. Regardless of your role, as a leader in a marketing organization you’ll need grace under fire.

If you are the CMO, here are some tell-tale signs that you may want to pack a bag… a big bag.