My view on Advertising: AdAge Interview

Wondering What to Do? We Asked the Experts

There’s No Right Answer, but Basically Don’t Cut Advertising; Rethink It

By Marissa Miley

Published: April 06, 2009

NEW YORK ( — Now’s the time to go big. Or small. Dominate social media. Or stick to what’s tried and true. In these stormy times, how are you supposed to discern what is right for your brand? There is no one silver bullet, as you well know by now. Here, Ad Age puts forth what some experts are thinking, doing or, in one case, comically musing regarding the recession. There is one common theme: The solution is not to cut advertising but to rethink it.

ulie Roehm, marketing consultant/ CMO for hire, Backslash Meta

Julie Roehm, marketing consultant/ CMO for hire, Backslash Meta

“Stop hiding. No one ever got ahead by hiding themselves away. The same is true for brands. Now is the time to make a statement. Be bold, be present. It’s cheaper and just as many people are listening but far fewer are talking. The easy decision is to contract and hide yourself away hoping that if you as a company or marketer never lift your head up, it will never get lopped off. But if you never lift your head up, the consumer can’t see you. Be smart, try new things. In this economy, you can be noticed at a fraction of the cost and be rewarded for trying new mediums and new messages.”

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