Elevating the Voice of the Consumer in the B2B World

At SAP it’s a pleasure to work with an incredible group of customers, partners, and stakeholders.  Every customer is different and has a story, a history, and a unique perspective.

I have been listening to some of these stories, and want to share a recent presentation the goes into the details on how brands can listen to, learn from, and grow with the stories of their users. Some of the key points:

-Through the ages, technology and media, whether stone or the sound of our voice or pixels on a screen, has dramatically influenced the way we communicate and tell stories

-Today, with digital media and emerging technologies, the challenges, and the opportunities, are boundless

-To break through the clutter, meaningful, one to one conversations with our customer is now more important than ever


Check it out here on Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/JulieRoehm/julie-roehm-on-storytelling-its-history-impact-and-the-importance-for-brand-and-marketers-to-understand-and-master-the-art

B2B is sometimes described as boring, but when you get into the specifics of each customer you will find incredible personalities, histories, and a depth of culture – a story – that’s anything but. B2B brands that understand their unique  customer backgrounds and histories will be better placed to grow in the digital era, creating their own unique story of success.