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Thoughts On Tumblr

Having just finished setting up my new Tumblr – it’s easy to see what they are doing right. With the latest surge in micro blogging (twitter), image sharing (Pinterest) and anonymous posting (Whisper, Secret) Tumblr looks to be in the sweet spot. Tumblr is laser-focused on visual, short form, and (potentially) anonymous publishing.

Unlike Facebook or other social networks that want you to use your real name and to share your your real-person friends, Tumblr makes no such demands. That covers the anonymity craze. Furthermore, it has an interface that makes reblogging easy while putting the emphasis on images. That covers image sharing. And finally, it centers around pithy comments and copy that fits in a small box, with an emphasis on user interaction.

Tumblr is no spring chicken, but it seems to have stumbled into the right combination of features for the current zeitgeist. Should be interesting to see if they can capitalize.

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