Monthly Archives: February 2010

Some Revolutionary Ideas For Toyota To Right Itself

Over the past week I have been asked numerous times about my thoughts on Toyota and its recall woes. This past Thursday, I spoke live with Brian Sullivan and Dagen McDowell on Fox Business News on this topic as well. There is no shortage of opinion and while I am not a fan of Monday morning quarterbacking, I do think that there are steps that should be taken to mitigate the damage.

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I am live on AOL Autos

I have been asked to write for AOL Autos as a blog contributor. The section is called Slash Marketing by Julie Roehm. I write at least once a week and will keep this link up on my homepage here so that you can easily connect to it and comment.  This week I have an entry on Chevy dropping its tagline as well as an entry on what to expect from the autos in the Superbowl. Feel free to comment either here or there.  I hope you enjoy!