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The 2006 Distinguished Young Alumni Award

Pushing the boundaries of Marketing

Four months after Julie Roehm was named senior vice president of marketing communications at Wal-Mart Stores, the company’s annual shareholders meeting made the New York Times. Headlined “A Touch of Broadway Near Bentonville,” the article described how professional actors portraying Wal-Mart employees sang and danced through a 90-minute show.

The production “underscored the growing influence of the new marketing team at Wal-Mart, which put it together,” the paper said.“I always knew this was a bit of a risk,” Roehm told the Times after the meeting. A willingness to take chances at Chrysler and Ford, where she began her marketing career, is what has earned Roehm, ’95, the 2006 Distinguished Young Alumni Award. “There’s always some level of understanding when to take a calculated risk, whether that’s in choosing your school, a job, an assignment, or making a bold statement,” she said. “The things we don’t do are the things we end up regretting.”

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